Why do I have a Blog?

I have been curious about starting or not a blog. There are a lot of texts out there that already share good insights and ideas around different topics of my interest, so why should I repeat the same information?

But the thing is I believe there are a lot of things out there waiting to be told in a fresh and wild way. When you take a different perspective or approach, you may discover insights that others have missed.

This may be contrary to the common belief «there is nothing new under the sun». Of course we can break down ideas into their component parts until we reach the first principles behind it, arguing that all that we know and will know are just permutations and combinations of them. While it has a kernel of truth, it is a hyper-generalization and oversimplification of everything.

The concept of ideas as a scarce resource implies that there is a finite amount of creativity or innovation available in the world and there is nothing more wrong than it. Of course an idea cannot be expected to be novel to all individuals and It’s easy to fall into the trap of regurgitating the same ideas and cliches often found in common knowledge and communication channels. That is why I had my doubts about this blog.

But ideas live in a perpetual feedback loop where these are being recycled, refined and evolving through time… they are a remix from the previous ones and in the same way they become a foundation for future ones. They are dynamic entities that continually shift and transform, influenced by the experiences and perspectives of those who encounter them.

The most impactful ideas are those that take existing ideas and make them accessible or applicable to a wider audience. It’s not about the originality of your idea, it’s about its value and impact. If your idea is innovative to the people who read it, that’s enough.

But how do I know if my idea can be innovative to the people? As someone once said «If you can identify a delusional popular belief, you can find what lies hidden behind it: the contrarian truth». This is where innovative ideas and insight lies - in the ability to think differently, question the status quo and take a contrarian approach.

Sometimes ideas can feel clear and complete but It’s only when you try to put them into words that you discover they’re no. When we put our thoughts and ideas down on paper, we can see them more clearly and objectively and challenge ourselves to think more deeply and critically about the issues that matter most to us.

In this way, writing is an incredible way to explore, discover and organize the connections between different ideas. The most influential programmers I know have an emphasis and encourage the written word. Writing is very much like coding in a lot of aspects. For example, both require the ability to organize complex ideas in a logical way with a coherent structure that is easy to read and understand. Ultimately both involve iterative steps, refinements and clear thinking.

This blog will be my personal space to develop my writing skills and my systematic thinking. Here I will organize my thoughts and ideas in a coherent and structured manner, identifying biases and assumptions that may be impeding my ability to think clearly and generate or find new ideas/insights around a topic of my interest. It’s my repository of random ideas, I hope you enjoy some posts here.