About me

I’m a Computer Systems Engineer with experience in the development life cycle of Embedded Systems and ML applications with proven ability troubleshooting critical software issues and delivering reliable software on schedule.

My professional experience ranges from Startups to BigTechs, being part of innovative and multicultural teams designing and developing solutions that meet market needs and demands. I have strong experience working with Internet of Things (focusing on celullar / LoRa / BLE networks and MCU firmware&software development), embedded Machine Learning and Cloud platforms (AWS, GCP).

I have been volunteer in different organizations where I have had the opportunity to contribute in technical and managment roles. These experiences include Wikimedia Mexico, NodeBotsMX, and IBM Z Systems.

I really love learn new things and solve problems in a creative and innovative way through hardware and software. Some side projects I do in my free time include websites, blockchain stuff, and podcasting (you can listen to my “Wikimentes podcast” in your favourite podcasting platform).

When I’m not sat in front of my keyboard, I try to stay in shape working out at the gym and spending quality time with my pets. I love training martial arts (I’m 1st dan black belt in taekwondo and karate!) and dancing (mainly salsa and rock&roll).

If you believe my knowledge and experience can help your company or project to succeed, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email to «hi@antonoriza.com» and lets talk!