Juan Antonio Oriza Armas

Software Engineer

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Exploring Economics: The purpose of economics

Shortly after I finished High school, I had decided to take 1 year to focus entirely on my entrepreneurial journey before university. I was lucky to be participating in a really good French incubator program led by two great economists in Mexico City. My interactions with them made me ask myself if I wanted to follow the engineering or the economics path. I clearly choosed the engineering path after evaluating how my strengths and situation at that time could optimize to generate the most impact in my goals.

The tech stack powering this website

Hey there! If you know me through my side job related to building websites, you might assume this website is built with WordPress. But nope! On my journey to becoming a writer, I wanted to learn something new (WordPress had become too easy for me) and experience the magical feeling that comes with learning and creating something new. To be honest, my hacker mind initially thought, “Let’s build a blog from scratch using an esoteric programming language, create a solid framework, release it as open source to the public, and finally, build the blog on top of it.

About Incremental and Disruptive innovations

The other day while I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed I read the following quote: Quote «The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles» -Oren Harari This idea is relevant in the process of creating products and services, specifically it exemplifies the “incremental” versus “disruptive” improvement concepts. The term “creation” is clear but in the current world a lot of people just copy/duplicate someone else’s product/service and implement it in their country or region targeting it as “innovation”.

Why do I have a Blog?

I have been curious about starting or not a blog. There are a lot of texts out there that already share good insights and ideas around different topics of my interest, so why should I repeat the same information? But the thing is I believe there are a lot of things out there waiting to be told in a fresh and wild way. When you take a different perspective or approach, you may discover insights that others have missed.